Wax and Candle Making - Saturday 9th December

This is just a reminder that our last social event of 2017 is on Saturday 9th December and will be at Linda and Richards house in Overton at 2pm.

We will be making candles and balms from beeswax so bring along any wax for melting, glass jars, moulds, wick, essential oils etc you might like to use. 

Or just come and chat and enjoy the atmosphere and refreshments! 

About Us

Lancaster Beekeepers Club an active, supportive and friendly group of hobbyist beekeepers from Lancaster, Morecambe, Cumbria and Lune Valley

Honey Tasting 10-10-17

It was great to catch up last night and enjoy the quiz and honey. Thanks also to members who let us know they couldn't attend, you missed a bit of a treat.

Congratulations to Geoff Higginson who was again awarded top honey status and the Club trophy.

The sealed bid was based on 9 honeys to blind taste. All were delicious and thanks to those who provide their precious samples.

Geoff, who had to leave early is not in the photo, but this is the judging panel having counted votes.

Prior to judging we had time to chat and then enjoyed two excellent quizzes - thanks to the quizmaster and developers - great fun.

Meet the Bees

Beehive and Smoker
Bookings closed as of 4/9/17. An immersive and exciting day long introduction to beekeeping for those who want know more. An opportunity to ask questions, handle bees and understand the basics.

Bee Swarms

It is natural for bees to swarm and there are accepted methods to minimise this occurrence and to retrieve the swarm. If you recognise a swarm cluster the Club has registered Swarm Collectors.